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Warrior's Eternals Project Chart Information

Journal infomation…

The artist's perspective on Graystripe X Firestar pairing
Completely Comfortable- :bulletblue:
Comfortable- :bulletgreen:
Uncomfortable- :bulletred:
Undecided- :bulletyellow:
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy
Progress Status
Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios - Work in Progress
Blue Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios - Sketching
Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios - Inking
Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios - Coloring
Blue bar-done by L3Moon-Studios - Finished
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy
:star: Book 1. Forsaken- Warriors Eternals Forsaken by Nightrizer - Cover (c) :iconnightrizer:
Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixyHeart Border [Blue] by RevPixy
Chapter 1. :bulletgreen::iconfirestar101: Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 2. :iconwhitelilysong: Blue bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 3. :iconsockseevil: Blue bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 4. :bulletyellow::icongingerflight: Blue Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 5. :bulletyellow::iconceruleanoasis: Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 6. :bulletgreen::iconimajenink: Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 7. :bulletgreen::iconliracal: Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 8. :bulletred::iconcascadingserenity: Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 9. :bulletyellow::icondrakynwyrm: Blue Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
Chapter 10. :bulletred::iconask-tatsuostriut:
Chapter 11. :bulletgreen::iconkuurakuraa:
Chapter 12. :bulletgreen::iconluckydog33k:
Chapter 13. :bulletyellow::iconcolacatinthehat:
Chapter 14. :bulletgreen::iconshi-no-hoyo: NOW :iconrainydaytree:
Chapter 15. :bulletred::iconthewolfpack15:
Chapter 16. :bulletyellow::iconmintiswirlix:
Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixyHeart Border [Blue] by RevPixy
:star: Book 2. Ascertain- Warriors Eternals Ascertain by Nightrizer - Cover (c) :iconnightrizer:
Heart Border [Black/White] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black/White] by RevPixy
Chapter 1. :bulletgreen::iconhollymist:
Chapter 2. :bulletgreen::iconsky-lily:
Chapter 3. :bulletgreen::icondoctorcritical:
Chapter 4. :bulletgreen::iconkiddosnightmare:
Chapter 5. :bulletblue::iconwyendigo: NOW :iconsaint-ghostsys:
Chapter 6. :bulletyellow::iconxbrightpelt:
Chapter 7. :bulletgreen::icondarkmoonx-1yb: NOW :icondragonofakasha:
Chapter 8. :bulletblue::iconchronomanipulatory:
Chapter 9. :bulletblue::iconmrfirethefox:
Chapter 10. :bulletblue::iconagentwebdog:
Chapter 11. :bulletblue::iconstaniqs:
Chapter 12. :bulletred::iconsleen-fire:
Chapter 13. :bulletgreen::iconxxstarcrystal:
Chapter 14. :bulletyellow::iconfancyfeline:
Chapter 15.
Chapter 16.
Chapter 17.
Chapter 18.
Chapter 19.
Heart Border [Black/White] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black/White] by RevPixy
:star: Book 3. Blight- Warriors Eternals Blight by Nightrizer - Cover (c) :iconnightrizer:
Heart Border [Lime Green] by RevPixyHeart Border [Lime Green] by RevPixy
:star: Book 4. Revere- Warriors Eternals Revere by Nightrizer - Cover (c) :iconnightrizer:
Heart Border [Red] by RevPixyHeart Border [Red] by RevPixy
:star:Book 5. Aspiration- Warriors Aspiration Cover by Nightrizer - Cover (c) :iconnightrizer:
Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixyHeart Border [Orange] by RevPixy
:bulletblue:Book 6. Immortal- Warriors Eternals Immortal by Nightrizer - Cover (c) :iconnightrizer:
Heart Border [White] by RevPixyHeart Border [White] by RevPixy

Pending for near-future:

Warrior's Eternals Project FAQ's

1. How many pages will there be for my chapter?
:bulletblue:I do not know the precise amount. The way it works is that the script I send you will be organized as the following:
Panel 1:
Panel 2:
Panel 3:
Panel 4:
And so on. From these panel you will configure and organize them into there separate pages. It will be easier not only on me but you as well as you'll have more freedom and movement in the spacing and arranging of the pages.

2. What is the amount of payment you're ranging in?
:bulletblue:You choose what payment you want, either DA:points: or paypal money(if you have one). The official amount won't be available until you've sketched out the panels to determine the number of pages.

3. Will we work with others or individually?
:bulletblue:You will be working on your chapter on your own, with no corresponding with the other artists.

4. What style do you want the comic to be in?
:bulletblue:I am wanting verity in this project. So either what ever style you are more comfortable with or your own style will be accepted.

5. Digital Art or Traditional Art?
:bulletblue:Which ever method is easier for you and you are most comfortable with. As long as the images come out clear.

6. Do you earn money with this project? If so will there be prizes?
:bulletblue:This project is all formed by artist I've commission. So naturally you will get payed for your services. No prizes are given other then the satisfaction of compliments on the work you will have done.

7. Will there be sexual-scenes since this is a yaoi(boy x boy) based comic?
:bulletblue:Absolutely not. The worst yaoi will be kissing.

8. Will there be sexual-scenes since there will be some yuri(girl x girl)?
:bulletblue:No. The worst will be only kissing.

9. Will this be a censored comic?
:bulletblue:For the general part, no. The only censored areas would be the violence, such as blood and death. Just like in the original Warrior Cat's Series.

10. What is Mpreg?
:bulletblue:Mpreg is male-pregnancy, which will be much later on in the comic.

11. Is this comic based on Original Characters or the Warrior Cats canon characters?
:bulletblue:All the characters that remained at the end of Omen of the Star: Sign of the Moon will be present. The only OC that will have a decently importance role in the story will be my OC Silversnow. There will be other OC's that will make an appearance, however they are not as important. Other then Silversnow there will be six other importance OC's. Five of them won't make an appearance until Book 5. Other then that it is the main canon cast.

12. Do/Did we need to read up too "Sign of the Moon" and "The Forgotten Warrior" to take part in the project?
:bulletblue:No. In truth it would make it a lot easier since some event will correspond with past events from the previous other books. But if need be you can always Wiki the information instead. And it was only that you had to have some knowledge up to "Sign of the Moon" for the event of the comic takes place in-between "Sign of the Moon" and "The Forgotten Warrior".

13. When will payment be given?
:bulletblue:You will revive half after I've viewed all the inked/lined pages. Once you've completed the chapter you will receive the other half of your payment. This not only helps me restock my funds but also give you motivation to finish.

14. What designs do you want for the characters?
:bulletblue:What ever you've designed for them. If your design for, lets say Firestar is far different from another's that's completely okay. That's the kind go verity I'm looking for. However, the only exception to this are my OC's. Drawing them in your style or whatever style you're comfortable with it acceptable, but do not add markings, change there overall side, refuse to add in there scars, tufts, markings, etc. My OC's overall design MUST remain the same. The style they are drawn in however it up too you.

15. Do I have to draw the yaoi/yuri/Mpreg moments?
:bulletblue:No you do not. If you are uncomfortable with this please let me know and I will make sure to assign you a chapter with none of these or as light of them as possible. Pleases keep in mind that once we reach Book 3 more romantic yaoi will appear. Light yaoi is half way to the end of Book 2, and light yuri starts at the end of Book 3 becoming more romantic in Book 4. The Mpreg is forming at the middle of Book 4 and full on halfway through Book 5. At the middle-end of book 5 the Mpreg-kits will be born.
So for later chapters I can't do much about that, but nothing will be heavy yaoi/yuri and the only heavy Mpreg will be the baby belly.

16. Who is the comic focused on?
:bulletblue:This is a Graystripe X Firestar yaoi story. Two miner yuri's in the background along with one other yaoi, but no Mpreg other then Graystripe X Firestar.

17. What formation is the comic done in?
:bulletblue:Eastern-Japanese. The comic is actually called a Doujinshi or Doujin for short meaning "fan-made comic". This also means that the comic will be read RIGHT to LEFT like an Japanese graphic novel, which it officially called a Manga.
For more information and help on manga and there arrangements view the links below.……

18. How much time will we have to work on the chapter?
:bulletblue:As long as you need. I am a very patient woman and can and will flex myself to help you in anyway I can. If you need a break somewhere down the road go for it. However if you join the project only to quite out late on that will be unacceptable and I will expect/demand a refund if I had already paid you. Not only does that irritate me but it royally pisses me off that I could have given that chapter to another who could have to only returned to it, but also might have even completed it while you have not. If you are going to join the project please remain dedicated and loyal to it. Taking a break or going on an temporary hiatus is understandable, but just up and dropping it after a while if you become board or uninterested is not only unprofessional but down right unacceptable. If you can not commit yourself and stay with the project to the end please do not join. You will not be wanted.

19. How long will it take to complete the comic?
:bulletblue:I have estimated roughly 3-5 years at the minimum. Which gives you plenty of time to either work on your chapter or get done what you want/need to if you want to join the project.

20. When will my turn come to do a chapter?
:bulletblue:I too am a busy woman and have a life. I can convert a chapter into script form only so fast. When I get it done I will instantly note you so. Then it will be up too you if you are ready to work on it or need more time. Regardless you will have the script sent to you so as I have it ready.

21. I have waited a few weeks/months for my payment, when will you pay?
:bulletblue:I will pay you when I can. I too have bills and rent as well as a pet and loans my family requests when needed. I will naturally keep you updated on the fact if you are indeed in line to be paid. But I can only do so much. I ask for you just to be patient.

22. May I ask for the link/too see the written story the comic is of?
:bulletblue:No. I have written, rewritten and revamped and completely redone the story again and again over the past 7-years since it's original creation. I had never planned on posting it onto the internet and I never will. The only way anyone will ever read it will be through this project.

23. How many panels would you estimate there will be?
:bulletblue:The script will be in a panel list.
Panel 1:
Panel 2:
Panel 3:
Panel 4:
And so on. In each panel section will be something. But it's all up too you on how you wish to spread out the panels into a number of pages.
In doing this I put my faith and trust in you not to over use this privilege and purposely make more panels then needed to increase the page numbers in doing so to increase the payment. I like giving my commissioners some freedom in what I ask for, that way the job is more fun rather then actually work.

24. What will the story line involve?
:bulletblue:The first half will be able Firestar's struggle with his feelings towards Graystripe. Silversnow(my OC) joins ThunderClan as things start to take strange and unexpected turns. Fights, betrayal, misunderstanding and arrogance will be a constant struggle for Firestar and Graystripe, even within there own Clan. Old and forgotten enemies will return as well as one cat thought to have died returns for vengeance. A force greater then that of ever the Ancients makes there play causing unnatural assurances. In the end nothing will be as it was, for everything will change.

25. Can I do more then one chapter if I want?
:bulletblue:Of course you can. Once you have completed your assigned chapter, if you wish too you may request to do another and the process will start again.

26. Can I post the finished work of my assigned chapter on my own page?
:bulletblue:Yes you may. I just require a copy so as to post it into the folder group with the others. You will of course be given the credit you deserve, so no worries there.

27. Can I post my chapter before the others?
:bulletblue:No. For example if you are assigned chapter 7 and chapter 6 has not been completed do NOT post the chapter ANYWHERE! Regardless of not being able to post it I will still require the finished work so as I can save it aside for later. Once the chapter(s) before you have finished I will notify you immediately so as you can post your part.

28. When can I start working on my assigned chapter?
:bulletblue:The Chart above shows the Books as well as there chapter amounts and who's doing what chapter in which Book. I like to plan in advance. So, for example, if someone has there script for chapter 6 of Book 4 and I'm recruiting another commissioner for chapter 13 of Book 6 then it'll definitely be a wait. I send out scripts the moment I complete them.

29. Will you begin selling/printing this doujin?
:bulletblue:Absolutely not. This is purely fan made with no intentions of profit making in any form and will remain so for open viewing too the public.

30. What do you want in the spacing in between panels? White space or just a black line?
:bulletblue:What ever you think works best with you. I have people do things differently too what makes them comfortable. So long as it's easy to follow and the viewers can understand the panels it's all good.

31. In general, how many panels would you like for each page?
:bulletblue:As long so the reading is smooth and understandable and not cramped or too space as many as you feel need be there. Also don't be afraid to add some panels if you think it'll help make the scene smoother or cut some panels if you feel it will make the scene drag/confusing. However all dialogue must remain.

32. What season(s) does the doujin take place in?
:bulletblue:1. Forsaken: Summer-Fall
2. Ascertain: Winter-Spring
3. Blight: Fall-Winter
4. Revere: Winter-Spring
5. Aspiration: Summer
6. Immortal: Summer-Fall/Winter

33. Does the doujin need to be in color?
:bulletblue:I just prefer color as a personally choosing. Sure Black & Whiter are is the normal format for doujin's but I've seen colored one's too. Yes color is time consuming but it's just a setting I feel will bring out the form and emotions of the story better.

{more will be added when needed}



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Night of the Were-Ed: Movie Progress

Animation Progress Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Animation Progress Bar-storyboard by L3Moon-Studios
Animation Progress Bar-sketch by L3Moon-Studios
Animation Progress Bar-ink by L3Moon-Studios
Animation Progress Bar-colors by L3Moon-Studios
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Opening: Animation Progress Bar-colors by L3Moon-Studios
Scene: 1 Animation Progress Bar-ink by L3Moon-Studios
Scene: 2 Animation Progress Bar-ink by L3Moon-Studios
Scene: 3 Animation Progress Bar-storyboard by L3Moon-Studios
Scene: 4
Scene: 5
Scene: 6
Scene: 7
Scene: 8
Scene: 9
Scene: 10
Scene: 11
Scene: 12
Scene: 13
Scene: 14

AMV/PMV Progress

Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios = Sketching
Purple Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios = Inking
Purple Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios = Coloring
Purple Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios = [LINK WILL BE GIVEN]

:bulletpurple:Runnin'(Warriors- GrayxFire *YAOI* ~ BASED of Warriors Eternals doujinshi Books 1 and 2) Purple Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios

:star:Planning Out/In the Works
:bulletpurple:Mirror(YuGiOh- Puzzleshipping *YAOI*)
:bulletpurple:How can I not love you(Warriors- FirexSpotted)
:bulletpurple:This is War(Warriors)
:bulletpurple:Once upon a Broken Heart(Dimensional Clash- Double DxFelix *YAOI*)
:bulletpurple:The Real Me(Warriors- Rusty/Firepaw/heart/star)
:bulletpurple:Bring It On(Warriors- Rusty/Firepaw/heart/star)
:bulletpurple:Right Here(Warriors- GrayxFire *YAOI* ~ BASED of Warriors Eternals doujinshi)
:bulletpurple:Hey Brother(Warriors)
:bulletpurple:Cry(Warriors- Sandpaw/storm)
:bulletpurple:The Monster(Warriors- Tiny/Scourge)
:bulletpurple:Your Betrayal(Warriors- Tigerclaw/star)


:bulletpurple:Remember Me(Soul Eater- SoulxMaka) Purple Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple:Forevermore(YuGiOh- Puzzleshipping *YAOI*) Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios

:star:Planning Out/In the Works
:bulletpurple:Sk8er Boy(YuGiOh- Puzzleshipping *YAOI*)
:bulletpurple:It is you(Fairy Tail- Gratsu *YAOI*)
:bulletpurple:Right Now(How to Train Your Dragon X Ruse of the Guardians- FrostCup/Hijack *YAOI*) ~MEME~
:bulletpurple:Almost Lover(YuGiOh- Puzzleshipping *YAOI*)
:bulletpurple:Soldier (YuGiOh- Puzzleshipping *YAOI*)


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